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When you get there on a bicycle, the trip is half the fun, and Diamondback aims to further that enjoyment at a price that won’t deep-six your finances. With the exception of a few higher-end models, the majority of Diamondback bicycles fall in the low to mid price range, but they are not throwaway models. These bikes are meant to last.

The first Diamondback was manufactured in 1978. In the beginning, the line was composed of motocross models alone, and this remained the case until 1990. That’s when their parent company, Western Coast Industries, began including mountain and road bikes under the Diamondback name. Today, the line is complete, and it offers something for every bicyclist.

The BMX models have always been the mainstay of Diamondback, and motocross enthusiasts continue to prize these bikes for their sturdiness, stability and maneuverability. As popular for dirt jumping as they are for racing and freestyle, the many available motocross models range from the lower-end Viper to the higher-end Accomplice and Signature, with the Grind, Session, Nitrus and Venom falling in between.

Equally favored nowadays is Diamondback’s extensive line of mountain bikes, all of which come equipped with its exclusive Knuckle Box dual suspension system. The Sortie, the Mission and the Scapegoat are just a few of the more popular models.

Of course, Diamondback is aware that not everyone is interested in such extreme forms of biking. To accommodate those seeking a gentler ride, the company offers a wide selection of traditional and performance hybrid bikes for commuting and pleasure riding.

Diamondback also knows that love of biking is not restricted to men, and its Devine line has been designed specifically for women. Mountain bikes are standard, of course, but beach cruisers, comfort bikes and hybrids in all varieties are available, as well.

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