Diamondback Insight 1 Performance Hybrid Bike Review

Diamondback Insight

I purchased this Diamondback Insight 1 Hybrid Bike last September and I have to say it is the best bike I have every owned. This is actually the second of two insight bikes I have owned. I had borrowed my first Diamondback Insight 1 Hybrid Bike to my brother and once he had a chance to use it he did not want to give it back. I choose to let him keep it and purchase myself a brand new insight. I am sure glad I did this bike is absolutely amazing and I do not know what I would have done without it. The bike is extremely easy to assemble and I had it up and running in less than a hour. My second time around I had the bike up and going in under thirty minutes. I took the bike out on a test spin and adjusted the handle bars, seat and brakes and immediately felt very comfortable on the bike and knew it was going to be a bike I would get a lot of use out of.

I am an avid biker and have tried several bikes over the years and I can say without a doubt this is by far the best bike I have ever owned. There is no bike out there can even come close in price versus quality to this Diamondback Insight 1 Hybrid Bike. You do not get a bike of this high of caliber at this amazing of a price. Even bikes purchased at your large big box stores cannot compare in quality. Other bikes from bike shops are over priced versus the quality. If you are looking for price versus quality this is definitely the choice you will want to make.

I take several biking trips a year and have tried hundreds of bikes over the years. Last September we took a trip to the Colorado and were biking anywhere fro 20-40 miles per day through the mountains. The Diamondback Insight 1 Hybrid Bike performance was unbeatable. It allowed me to be comfortable yet gave me the superior performance that I desired on our biking trip. Biking through the mountains can place a lot of stress on a bike but not once did I think that it could not perform to its max. The Diamondback Insight 1 Hybrid Bike handles very well in the rain. I was concerned about how it was going to do the morning we woke up and it was pouring out. To my surprise it is by far the best bike I have used during rain. I do have fenders on it, which also helps a significant amount with its performance. This is a must buy if your a serious rider. No doubt that these Diamondback Hybrid Bikes are nothing short from perfection with all the high quality supplies and how it was build so solid.

Diamondback Insight 1 Hybrid Bike Review

The detailers on the Diamondback Insight 1 Hybrid Bike are great and remain sturdy and all the components perform exactly as I had hoped. I have never had to replace anything except a minor flat tire. This is an amazing bike. The aluminum frame and fork make the Diamondback Insight 1 Hybrid Bike so light an easy to carry. It made it a joy to work with on trip as I had to lift it up onto and off the truck several times. The Diamondback Insight 1 Hybrid Bike has an extremely sturdy construction and great ergonomics for guy at 5’10”

If I was going to discuss any of the downfalls of the Diamondback Insight 1 Hybrid Bike of which there are not many, it would be the tires. The stock tires that came with the bike tend to be of a much lower quality then what I would have put on a bike of this level. The way this bike is designed is for heavy and rugged use and the tires provide are no where near the level for that type of use. I did experience a flat tire with these tires and they seemed to run low on air frequently. Eventually I just changed them out with a higher level of tire to fit my personal needs for the bike. If you were going to use the bike for lighter use and less all terrain use you would be fine but any serious biker would definitely want to consider replacing the tires.

I have read some reviews that complain about the brakes on the Diamondback Insight 1 Hybrid Bike. While they may not be top of the line brakes they still suited the bike very well. I used this bike out in the Rocky Mountains and did not experience any brake issues at all. I have replaced the pads on the bike but did not find that they wore any faster then other brake pads from my previous bikes. I typically change my brake pads every 1500 miles or so and did not find any change in this with this particular bike. The maintenance I put into this bike has been minimal and is not anything more than you would put into any other bike of this caliber. With that said any bike will require maintenance to keep it performing in top condition. This is important no matter which type of bike you own.

I am going on over 3000 miles on my bike and have not had any major performance issues whatsoever. I am very happy with this purchase and would highly recommend it to anyone. I feel that this is the best bike on the market at this price range. It suits all my needs as a heavy biker and suits me wonderfully on all my biking adventures. I do not think there is a biking challenge that this bike cannot handle. I feel very comfortable taking this bike on a long journey and look forward to get several more thousands of miles out of the Diamondback Insight 1 Hybrid Bike. Overall, this bike is a steal and it will save you hundreds of dollars off of other bikes of this level. I highly recommend the bike to both your average biker who wants a good investment to take out on the local trails to an avid biker who puts on several hundreds of miles a season.

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