Diamondback Recoil Mountain Bike Review

There is nothing more exuberating to me than a good adrenaline-boosting ride on my mountain bike. The experience became even more exciting with the purchase of the Diamondback Recoil Mountain Bike. This bike came highly recommended from a woman at the fitness center I belong to. With all the many features that come on the 2011 model, there is nothing stopping you from a great riding journey. This includes the many extra components that just cannot be found on other mountain bikes. Disc brakes and upgraded rims and tires are just a few of the extra features on this mountain bike.

On most mountain bikes it becomes very difficult to switch between the gears when riding on an incline. The Shimano SL-M310 8-speed Rapid-Fire allows me to make it up the trail without becoming out of breath or just falling over from exhaustion. One of the other areas that are always a concern to me and my fellow riders is braking. There is nothing worse than starting down a hill and having issues with your braking system. The Tektro alloys with reach adjust and the Tektro Novela disc with 6-inch rotors makes it easy to stop on a dime. Just be careful to not go head first onto the ground like my brother Anthony did while biking through the Smokey Mountains. Another reason I got into mountain biking is to have fun while losing weight. Not to be confused with the Diamondback Mountain Bikes which are completely different in all but still great bikes for basically everything.


Diamondback Recoil Bike Review

The resistance that is exerted while riding the Diamondback Recoil makes it a great way to burn those unwanted calories. While melting away those calories, I am also looking for a smooth and comfortable ride. Whether it is a small bump in the trail or making small jumps on a rough terrain, the Diamondback comes equipped with “Tuff Shock Coils” on the rear that can tackle anything that comes my way. When I made the decision to purchase the Diamondback Recoil bike, I was also about to take a trip to the Denver mountains for a vacation getaway with my friends. This area of the mountains has over 850 miles of beautiful urban terrain that is perfect for any mountain biker. Whether you’re looking for open land or off-road trails, there is something for everyone. After telling all my friends how happy and satisfied I was with the Diamondback Recoil mountain bike, they all agreed to purchase one for the trip as well. After packing up our gear and making sure we had the proper amount of snacks and water, we set out to create an adventure with our new Diamondbacks.

I will always remember the time when my good friend Roger was heading down one of the steepest parts of our route when suddenly a deer ran out in front of him. He immediately pressed on the brakes and began steering to veer and miss the animal. It did not take him long to come to a complete stop and steer safely to the side of the trail and avoid hitting the deer. When it was all over and the rest of the group had time to catch up to him, he told us, “Man, I would have never been able to do that with my other mountain bike! I am so thankful I bought the Diamondback Recoil.” We were all thankful that Roger was safe and unharmed and that the quality features on the bike worked in a way they were designed to. Towards the end of our getaway, we decided to hit the trails again. Roger suggested that we should explore a little more of our surrounding and try a different path that she had seen on our other daily trail rides. We agreed and made our way to the path she had suggested. Once on the new trail, we immediately came upon some loose gravels and small twigs that had made their way onto the path. I just kept telling the group that we would be fine. I knew that the spectacular suspension system that is installed on the bike would be able to withstand anything the trail dished out. At the half-way point of the trail, I noticed that it was going to begin to incline pretty steeply. Roger wondered if we would be able to make it up the hill or end up having to get off and walk the rest of the way to the top. I again told them not to worry just keep pedaling. As we approached the crest of the hill, Roger just looked over at me and smiled. Just as I had predicted, we all were able to climb the incline with little to no effort.

This was due to the smooth and effortless gear shifting ability that is also a standard feature of the Diamondback Recoil. I also told them that this feature was one of the reasons I purchased the mountain bike in the first place. My friends and I made a lot of great mountain biking memories on that trip, but they would have taken more effort for us to make if it were not for the Diamondback Recoil bike. Several of my other friends and colleagues, that enjoy the great past time of mountain biking, went out and purchased the Diamondback Recoil bike after they heard of our exciting Denver trip. Before they made their purchases, some of them came to me and asked for some advice. When it comes to the price, some of them were a little bit skeptical. I proceeded to tell them that the Diamondback Recoil was, in fact, a little on the high end, coming in at around $600. Doing some research and checking prices would be to their advantage before making the purchase. I also informed them that the Diamondback Recoil makes a great starter bike for someone who is looking for a full suspension bike. I found that after taking everything I told them into careful consideration, they all made the smart choice and purchased the Diamondback Recoil Full Suspension Mountain Bike.

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