Diamondback Response Review

Diamondback Response

Diamondback’s lineup includes everything from 29-ers to Commuter Hybrids. The BMX is a noteworthy part of the company’s inventory, but now popularity associated with mountain bikes like the Diamondback Response is what accounts for the highest portion of the company’s sales. This hardtail all-terrain bicycle is unwavering in its responsiveness and durability for the off-road adventurer.

The 2012 Response is available in three versions of component configuration, which makes this mid-level priced bicycle accommodating to several styles of riders. The first thing most customers will notice is that this is a hardtail, which means it does not feature any rear suspension like many of the other mountain bikes on offer in this price range. That is because not all riding situations are best accommodated with rear suspension. Front suspension will help a rider to maintain control over uneven terrain, but rear suspension can become a hindrance if the terrain is too soft or if the rider tries to jump obstacles. While hardtail bikes may seem less sophisticated, experienced mountain bikers will attest to their necessity in many scenarios.

A closer examination of the 2012 Response reveals this bike to be well constructed and innovative. The formed top and bottom tubes give this bike a clean overall aesthetic while maintaining a high level of rigidity. The aluminum construction is both lightweight and durable. This bike is equipped with Shimano components, which makes it universally compatible to replacement and upgradable parts. The front-fork suspension offers increased control and limits stress to the upper body and arms, which makes the Response very comfortable to ride.

Diamondback’s highly respected reputation dates back to 1978 and the company’s first BMX. Through the BMX heydays of the eighties, Diamondback was a name synonymous with superior quality bicycles and dominance on the championship bicycle racing circuit. In 1993, Diamondback was again at the forefront of the trends in competitive bicycle racing when they formed the DBR team and expanded it to include competitive mountain biking. Today, Diamondback is under the ownership of the PON Holdings BV, which is a Dutch company that currently owns the controlling shares of Raleigh and Cervelo also.

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