Diamondback Response Sport

Diamondback Response Sport

Diamondback Response Sport compared to a full suspension mountain bike, is better suited for dirt jumping, dirt riding, smoother trails or for cruising around town. It is equipped with an all aluminum mountain hard tail response trail frame. Made of 6061 aluminum, it is both lighter and stronger than bikes made a decade or two ago.

The Diamondback Response Sport is the new mountain bike ready to go to the next level with features such as:

24 gears
32″ spoke 26″ wheels
Double wall rims
Rapid fire 8 speed shifters
Mechanical disc brakes
SR sun tour XCM 120mm travel suspension (to soak up those bumps)

When you need a dependable bike that gives a smooth ride on a bumpy road, or if you love dirt riding or dirt jumping, there is nothing that compares to the Diamondback Response Sport mountain bike. It is unique and amazing due to its ease of maneuvering and its very hard and strong box tube and all aluminum frame. Its Kendra tires are one of the most durable tires ever built.

The Diamondback Response Sport mountain bike responds better to the many challenges of the road, whether it be large holes in your path or just a smooth terrain around town. This bike can be the best choice if you are looking for fun or wanting to keep fit and strong. Biking is a wonderful form of exercise and it decreases your risk of heart disease. A forty minute ride can easily burn at least five hundred calories.

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