Diamondback Trace Comp Sports Bike Review

Diamondback Trace

The Diamondback Trace Sport Bike is a well-rounded bike that suits both the road and mountain biker groups. It has great features and reviews to help any skeptic realize that this bike is made for them. I am going to start by explaining the features first and then talking about what others are saying about this bike.

The Diamondback Trace Sport Bike has some great product features to suit anyone’s needs. It has the aluminum frame that us bikers are really looking for, which helps make the bike light weight. The bike also comes with a Shimano Acera 8-speed drive train that includes the rapid-fire shifters. These gears will help get you up hills or just push yourself to the next limit. All bikers know that brakes are a very important contribution to a bike. The Diamondback Trace Sports Bike comes standard with Tektro linear pull rakes and Innova DualSport 700c Tires with the Weinmann SL-7 double wall rims. The last feature I am going to bring up right now is the black saddle, which comes in different sizes depending on your request.

This really is a great hybrid bike as well as a mountain bike. I purchased the medium size Diamondback Trace Sport Bike for my height and I love it. The frameworks a lot better than the other hybrid bike I purchased a couple of years ago. This bike really does work well though for the mountains, since I live in Colorado. There are so many trails to take it on and I have been very happy with the stability the bike gives as well as the weight of the bike to keep me on the road yet still be able to pick up.

Diamondback Trace Sports Bike Review

For me, when I purchased the Diamondback Trace Sports Bike, I really wanted the reviews to capture what I was looking for in a good bike. I can tell you all about my experience, but that is just one focus on this which is not enough to make an informed decision. Some of the other customers who purchased this bike have been in the similar situation as myself, a happy customer! One said that this could be used as both the commuter bike and as a mountain bike, which is really a number one thing to look for. I thought that dual functionality is a top attribute because then you don’t have to purchase another bike just to satisfy your needs. This customer agreed with me about just swapping out some tires with more tread to go mountain biking, much cheaper than buying a new bike. The price of the Diamondback Trace Sports Bike is worth every penny for all that it really does.

Another review said the same thing, but also added that the size of the wheels really helped his ride. He said that the bigger wheels made the ride smooth and also helped with his speed. Speed might not be the number one thing you are looking for, but when you use the Diamondback Trace Sports Bike as a commuter bike, you will definitely want that feature to be dominate.

This next review talks again about the tires and how it allows the bike to move so smoothly. Also, the shifting of the bike is very user-friendly as you can shift when it is both stopped and moving. For the commuter users of this bike, it easily gets up to speed and quickly which will help you commute in both time and ease.

So now I am going to talk about a bike guru who also bought this bike. He purchased the bike and road it at an outdoor demo a while ago. He also agreed that the Diamondback Trace Sports Bike is a great hybrid bike. It is fast on the pavement and easily moves in trail rides to get you over different obstacles, especially with the large 29-inch wheels on the bike. What also is stated is that this one bike can do it all.

There are a couple more reviews that I found that pretty much covered everything else we have talked about. They talked about the increased speed and comfort of the bike as well as the price and value of the Diamondback Trace Sports Bike.

I could go on and on about the bike, but really until you try it out for yourself, you do not understand. I would either go to a Diamondback Trace Sports Bike dealer or go with gut on this one. For the price that you will pay, you will not go wrong. I have tried different brands but had problems with the frames, the rims, and just the overall performance of the bike. I cannot say enough great things about this bike and my purchase. I would recommend this to my closest friends and family and when you purchase yours, you will see why.

If you are wanting to get all your needs met in one bike, then this bike is for you. If you want a quick, sleek, uphill climbing machine, then the Diamondback Trace Sports Bike is for you. If you want to go check out your local trails and get off the road, then this bike will get you through that and beyond. So just ask yourself what you are wanting to get out of your next purchase. What is it that is really important to you? Is if just speed? Do you want a bike to be versatile? Are you just looking for a bike that is not bad on the wallet and that you will get your money’s worth? The answer to all of these is the Diamondback Trace Sports Bike. You will not be disappointed. So do you research, see what you find out there, but I guarantee you will love this purchase.

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