Diamondback Viper BMX Bike Review

Diamondback Viper BMX

The Diamondback Viper BMX bike is a hybrid bike that is well known for jumping and racing. The bike can be used for various activities such as jumping hills, ramps as well as racing on dirt and road surfaces. The bike is made out of a hi-ten steel frame. The bike features linear brakes and levers. It also contains resin platform pedals and a chromoly one piece crank along with 36 H black aluminum rims.

When purchasing the Diamondback Viper BMX bike I noticed that it was popular to use on dirt trails. I have read many reviews on how versatile the bike is while on dirt courses. The first time I rode the bike was on a muddy dirt course. When first riding the Diamondback Viper BMX bike, I rode it on the dirt trails. When riding on the dirt I noticed that the bike was light, smooth and mobile. I was able to jump small hills with ease and following the small hills I was able to jump larger hills with moderate effort. When jumping I felt that the rims and tires held up good. The breaks were above average.

The first BMX trick I performed with the Diamondback Viper BMX bike was the basic bunny hop. When I pulled back to lift the front tire I noticed that the bike was very easy to pull back. Since the Diamondback Viper BMX bike is very light I did not have to pull as hard as I usually do. When I pulled the bike the back wheels were very secure and strong. The second step was shifting my weight to lift the rear tire. That step was easy because the bike rides very smooth. Following the second step I was able to perform the bunny hop. I felt like a professional because the bike was so much smoother and lighter than other BMX bikes I have used. The back wheel hops were also easier than normal to perform because of the weight of the bike and the strength of the handlebars and frame.

Another interesting move I performed on the Diamondback Viper BMX bike was the X-Up. When I was on the dirt tracks I would get great height on the Diamondback Viper BMX bike because of the light weight of the bike. I wouldn’t even have to accelerate as fast as I usually do to get height. The handle-bars felt a little bulky when rotating, but I was able to get used to them after a few tricks. I had great balance on the bike when performing this trick because of the pedals. One of the best Diamondback BMX Bikes you can get for BSXing around doing whatever.

Diamondback Viper BMX Bike Review

The table top trick was another trick that I used while riding the Diamondback Viper BMX bike. I felt very comfortable performing this move because of how smooth and light this bike is. I was able to get good height and rotate myself and the bike at a good angle. I noticed that I had to use less force with the handlebars because they were able to rotate faster than other BMX bikes, so it was easier to turn the bars when getting height. The landings were comfortable because the tires and rims are very durable.

After feeling more comfortable with the Diamondback Viper BMX bikes I decided to get more advanced with my tricks. I performed the Tobogggan. Once again my height was very good while using average starting speed. When I went airborne the handlebars were very secure and I felt very comfortable sitting back while rotating them. Even though the Diamondback Viper BMX bike is light it still has some weight to keep people safe on their landings and rotations. When you pull back the handlebars you don’t need to use too much force, but you still need to use a little bit of force to ensure proper rotation.

Since the frame is strong I was able to perform the no footer trick with better height. I accelerated and went into the air. While in the air, I had to make sure I didn’t pull back too hard. I kept my upper body relaxed and secure while jumping and then threw my feet out. When I threw my feet out I felt very secure and was able to bring the bike back under me, while maintaining control, very quickly. The landing was good.

I got off the dirt and after a few more days of having fun with the bike, I decided to do some more tricks at a bike park. Since the bike was light and smooth I decided to perform a foot plant. This is a trick that I have always been scared to perform, but I decided to give it a shot since I felt more comfortable with the Diamondback Viper BMX bike. The foot plant seems easy but must be done with concentration. If you mess up on this trick you can break your foot or ankle. When I performed the trick it seemed a lot easier to perform because the bike is smoother and lighter to maneuver. After a few slower practice runs I decided to go faster. The tires and rims rotated very well for me on my turns. When I rotated I felt comfortable holding the handlebars.

Overall I recommend purchasing the Diamondback Viper BMX bike. I really like how the bike rides smooth and is light weight. The tires and rims are above average. Also, despite being light the handlebars and overall frame of the bike is sturdy and feels very safe. It is very easy to push, pull and rotate the handlebars when performing tricks. The smooth ride makes this bike more fun to perform higher jumps. Make sure that when you ride this bike you wear a helmet and gloves.

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