Diamondback Wildwood Bike Review

The Diamondback Wildwood Bike is the kind of bike that you would want to ride for a memorable track adventure. There are many mountain bikes out there that tell you about comfort and ease while cruising on and off road. While many guarantee such things, only a few are actually true to their word. The Wildwood Citi bike is a strong assembly of materials which are especially made for road comfort. Why do you need to settle for expensive bikes when you could buy a ride that can save you from bad investments?

With the Diamondback Wildwood Bike you will exactly get what you paid for. It is a comfort bike that stays true to its word. Its premium features include Promax linear pull brakes, Shimano components, and aluminum rims. If you want value and simplicity in one bike, this comfort bike is just for you.

Built around a strong frame, the Hi-Ten Remington comes with LBC (Laid Back Comfort) Geometry and a forty five millimeter suspension fork. With the fork and frame combination, you will have an easy and breezy ride around town.

Diamondback Wildwood Bike Review

It 7-speed twist shifters and Shimano free wheel offers an easy coasting and shifting experience. You especially appreciate its comfortable saddle which, unlike conventional bike saddles, offers dual density comfort. Moreover, the LBC geometry is something that makes the Diamondback Wildwood Bike extra special. When this feature was developed, engineers were challenged with making comfort bicycle that is so easy to use with maneuverability being comprised. They began with leaning back the seat tube way back. This made the rider seat way behind the bottom bracket and in a much lower position.

The tilting of its seat tube made the seat more stable offering a better ride quality. It also promoted full extension of the legs all the way to the pedals. Together, their design still allowed the rider to seat lower on the bike that the rider can easily put both fit properly on the ground. This way the knees become more relaxed and dismounting and mounting on the bike has become more convenient.

When the engineers identified every rider’s ideal driving position, they decided that they can improve the bike’s handling by not altering anything at all. Other companies may have tried changing bike features such as lengthening chainstays and tilting head tubes but engineers of the Diamondback Wildwood Bike tried another promising approach. They only redesigned the handlebar by providing extra back sweep, allowing handle grips to be conveniently gripped.

This proves that Diamondback does not just sell bikes but they are dedicated towards satisfying every client’s muscle. The Wildwood bike is a great example of a comfort bike. It looks stylish and reliable.  It has twenty six inch Kenda tires and BMX padded seat.  Moreover, this bike also comes with a strong steel 3 piece crank, rear U-brakes, Avenir comfort grips, ssw26 alloy rims (double tunnel), 45 mm suspension fork for travel comfort, and front caliper.

All of its top of the line features and reliable material are the very factors that make the Diamondback Wildwood Bike a perfect bicycle for everyday commute. Its lightweight feature allows you to cruise faster and easier even in traffic.

With beautiful LBC geometry, you can appreciate the great combination of materials that this Diamondback posses. When you wish to buy this bike you can choose from four different sizes – large 19 inch, medium 17 inch, small 15 inch, and extra large 21 inch. You can also choose from different colors including blue and black.

In order to enjoy the great benefit of the Wildwood, you need to consider the right frame size before making your purchase final. No bike, regardless of how perfect it is, will never be great on the road if you have the wrong frame. This is a vital aspect to consider ensuring road safety.  Frame sizes typically mean the distance bottom racket’s center and the frame seat tube’s top part.

The Diamondback Wildwood Bike is available for both men and women. The version for women has some difference including some alteration in the frame.  Every bike enthusiast deserves a great bike. With a bike from trusted brand in bicycles, you can surely guarantee your money’s worth. You will also be guaranteed of a smooth, safe, and rewarding biking experience. Many have found Diamondback as a great brand for their biking needs and if you want to make sure that you can have a quality bike then this one may be your dream bike.

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