Diamondback Response Mountain Bike Review

The Diamondback Response Mountain Bike is an awesome machine! I highly recommend it, especially for those wanting a multipurpose bike. In my case I wanted a bike that could serve as both a commuter bike as well as a recreational weekend vehicle and the Diamondback Response fit the bill perfectly. I was nervous shelling out the cash, and have only had used bikes in the past, but since we no longer own a car I was ready to make the plunge. I read a lot of stuff but some of the technical stuff was over my head so I paid a visit to our local bike shop.

I have to say I had a Diamondback bike that I bought used about eight years ago. It had been used pretty hard, I bought it for cheap, and I rode it for several years to and from work through some pretty gnarly off-road conditions, and a lot of mud. I also rode through a construction site every day for a wet summer. And in fact I still have that bike and lend it to visiting friends when we go out. I still can’t believe all that bike has taken and it still rides decent. So when I moved to central PA this spring I bought without hesitation a Diamondback Response mountain bike at my local bike store.

After living in Iowa for four years I was pretty excited about all of the awesome trails in my new home state. You can’t really move here and not buy a mountain bike. I was so glad to see the Diamondback brand at the shop (as I wanted to support my local bike shop) and I knew the minute my eyes fell on it that it would be my choice. Call it karma or whatever.
My plan is to take it on a pretty technical course mid-June and so I have been out riding the rail trails and any other sort of terrain to get ready for it. This has to be the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden, I love the seat, which is WTB Pure V sport, and the frame is very intelligently designed, both ergonomically sound and sturdy. The disk brakes are excellent especially as I have a tendency to overuse them. The fork (a Spinner Edge 120mm suspension fork) has taken everything that I’ve encountered, and oh, by the way, I just love the way this bike looks. I also love the frame geometry. For climbing the frame design can’t be beat and I have ridden some really expensive bikes. Plus the trails here have been pretty muddy as there has been a ton of rain, and it still has handled great. For the price, the components are excellent, just a little heavy. It shifts beautifully. The trigger shifts rock. I feel like I finally have the bike I deserve.

Diamondback Response Mountain Bike Review

Five weeks after buying it my waist is noticeably slimmer, my legs are rock hard and I’ve gotten to enjoy all kinds of beautiful scenery that I never could have gotten to on foot (we don’t own a car). This was why I really wanted to start mountain biking: because, well, I live in the mountains! I feel somehow that the Diamondback Response doesn’t intrude between me and nature but facilitates the journey. And I love working for it! Grrrrrrrrr…The Diamondback Response is an awesome machine and I’m the motor! I’m loving it!

On a less tough note I also use the Diamondback Response for all of our household errands and tote my son and our groceries behind it in a trailer. It pulls the trailer very well. My son is three and he just loves it: he feels sorry for kids whose parents drive cars. I know he will be a biker soon. We tackle some off-road stuff too just in the course of our daily trips, and I’ve been amazed at the places where I can still pull him in the trailer. The bike’s second role in my life as our main mode of transportation was why I opted for the hardtail Diamondback response rather then a full suspension bike. I don’t regret it and as soon as we have the money my husband will be getting a Diamondback Response also. This compromise (hardtail rather then full-suspension) has made no difference in my off-road riding, and I feel confident taking it on a fairly technical course. The Diamondback Response climbs like a pro and tracks downhill as fast as I can handle. I like (and need) the Diamondback Responses speed! It rides beautifully and is proving to be quite reliable, I’ve had no issues with any of its parts and the tires have held up great, even in this crazy wet weather. The rims must be super durable judging by a few slight mishaps I’ve had without any bending. It is also not too cumbersome to ride on road in the very mountainous terrain that I am often tackling just getting from point A to point B. So it has been the perfect compromise other then buying two bikes or a hybrid, which could never have stood up to my off-road ambitions.

To sum up: The Diamondback Response is a great commuter bike and awesome weekend trail machine. It has a superior frame design, is sturdy and durable and fits me like a glove. I love the trigger shifts, the brakes and the components are serviceable. I plan on riding this bike for a very long time. Biking is our way of life! To get much better (lighter) the price quickly accelerates waaaaaaay beyond what a working class girl like I can handle, and I like the fact that it is so sturdy. I feel like a kid again! Viva la Diamondback Response!

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