The Legendary Diamondback BMX

The Legendary Diamondback BMX

Diamondback has been a widely recognized name in bicycle motorcross (BMX) since it all began in the 1970s in California. Today, the legendary Diamondback BMXs are the industry standard in durable and responsive bicycles. The company has expanded to include the production of road, mountain and exercise bicycles, but the BMX department has never ceased to remain at the forefront of development. Customers can find BMX bikes divided into three categories by the manufacturer, which include: Jump, Street and Race. Each of the bikes from these categories may look the same to the unfamiliar eye, but the components and configurations of each categorical bike is intended for a specialized purpose style of BMX riding.

BMX Jump bikes are designed by Diamondback to withstand the intense stresses placed on a bike upon impact with the ground after a large jump. At the top of this category is the Diamondback Signature. This bike, along with the Sessions series, features a blending of strength and light weight. BMXers performing jumps on various terrains want a light bike to get up in the air but need a strong bike to stay together when they land. In the Jump category, bikes are predominantly defined by their tube construction characteristics with little variation in their drive train components.

The Street category features the bikes in the Venom and Grind series lines. Also known as the Park category, these BMX bikes are designed to help a rider maintain fluid motion in the short space of a vert-ramp, bowl or obstacle series. These bikes are highly responsive and typically feature added pegs for sliding on obstacle edges. Some of the Grind models even feature a front brake, which is a rare inclusion on a BMX bike.

The Race category is the direct descendant of the bikes that first appeared on dirt tracks in the 1970s. This category is populated by the Nitrus and Viper models. Typically, these bikes are designed to handle dirt-track sustainable accelerations and mogul jumps. Diamondback states that these are also road worthy, but the stresses of the asphalt can be severe on these bikes.

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